Robyn Bandele debuted on September 10, 2023 during Harlem Fashion Week. See the runway designs for the Follow Me Home collection by founder Robyn Burgess.

Look 1


This shirt dress was inspired by a team retreat to Denver, CO where Robyn's role was dismissively summarized as "CRM Stuff." It's funny how our work grows invisible as our expertise expands. The lightweight 100% silk midi was updated from the runway to a custom print in gloriously smooth cupro-rayon blend. Stand out and refuse for your work and your presence to be ignored.


Look 2


"You don't belong here." That's what Robyn was told while watching the 2018 World Cup from a London Pub. This shirt and pants set visually represents that moment of a Black woman flanked by two British people telling her she doesn't belong. Updated in jungle green and chartreuse to remember the cheer of that hot summer day, this set is available to purchase in an updated 100% Tencel fabric.

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Look 3


"You can stay here," was the invitation to move back home after graduation. Staying would defy her ambition. This power suit with signature color blocking reminds us to dress for the jobs we want and push for our goals.

Look 4


Robyn moved to the UK for work without ever having been to Europe. Instantly, she was the only Black woman in the room - in every room. The bold piping detail of the UK Jumpsuit represents the strength we must embrace to move with authenticity and go it alone. Often the tallest in the room, we know that feeling well. The runway jumpsuit was updated from stretch cotton twill to a stretch cotton-nylon blend that stays wrinkle free for jet-setting or leading meetings.


Look 5


Home for 10 years already, NYC felt foreign the moment a team member passed a racial slur in a meeting. No one batted an eye or raised a hand as an ally. It was an experience that became all too common in "progressive" tech startups. This denim set features chartreuse topstitching along the pants and piping in the jacket to carry the lengthening contrast of the collection's signature.

Look 6


Robyn spent a summer learning Mandarin in Beijing while in college. After nine weeks far from home, she experienced homesickness for the first time. Too tall for door frames, buses, and university desks, the constant echo of "nothing here will fit you" followed. Truth is, nothing much fits tall women in the US either. This red bodycon dress is accented with chartreuse piping along lines that show a truly well-fitting garment. The knit runway dress was updated to a stretch woven fabric will full lining for RTW.


Look 7


"Excuse me, miss." Those words kicked off a 20-minute chase through the crowded streets of Hong Kong as Robyn tried to escape being followed. The tallest in the crowd, she stood a head above everyone as her would-be suitor ran to keep with her long, NYC stride. The face-off ended in a dark alley when he finally gave up. This look represents the calculation women make to protect ourselves from the gaze or chase of men. Covered, but not afraid to show our shape, our name, and stand tall.

Look 8


Los Angeles should feel familiar. But at 3,000 miles from home at 2am in West Hollywood, it became as distant as any foreign destination. Bearing the color blocking of the collection, this look recognizes the importance of surrounding yourself with real friends and family.

Look 9


Stunning and singular. While living in London, Robyn was tasked with visiting a client in Frankfurt once a month. She traveled across the continent alone, walked alone into the client offices, and represented her company's expertise without any backup. That would have been stressful enough. But Robyn was the only Black woman there in Germany, going it alone. The periwinkle sequins on sheer message represent the glimmering glass buildings of this unique corporate experience.

Look 10


Stolen Gold. Robyn traveled to Belgium and was astonished by the golden buildings. The ornate architecture betrays the brutal history of colonization. This strapless Aso Ebi gown of sequined lace and silk lining represents the wealth of Africa had the people and the natural resources been left untouched by imperialism.


We're incredibly proud of our brand's runway debut at Harlem Fashion Week on September 10, 2023. Just blocks from the Harlem apartment where Robyn first learned to sew, it felt like a graduation into the fashion world. Robyn hand-made every piece in the collection to present this creative vision and show the world the impact of tall women in clothes that fit.

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