Robyn Bandele namesake Robyn Bandele Nash


Robyn Bandele is an empowering clothing line for tall women named after founder Robyn Burgess's aunt, Robyn Bandele Nash, a dancer, lawyer, and fiercely joyous soul. Born to African-American parents living abroad in Nigeria, she was given the Yoruba "Bandele" name at birth with the meaning "born away from home." She inspires us to celebrate our heritage across the diaspora as we stand tall and thrive in our creative and professional lives.

Robyn Bandele is a 100% woman-owned and Black-owned small business.


Robyn Burgess is a womenswear designer based in New York, NY. At 6'2" since she was 13 years old, she has always struggled to find clothes that fit her proportions and bold style. When Robyn began sewing her own wardrobe in 2016, she realized a major shift for her body image that empowered her career. No longer did she have to squeeze her curves into ill-fitting dresses or worry about if hemlines were too short. After 4.5 years of development, Robyn is proud empower fellow tall women in clothes that fit through Robyn Bandele.

Robyn is a graduate of Columbia University and career marketing director. She first became an entrepreneur at 13, selling cakes and cookies to classmates, which later became the Runaway Apricot cooking blog. Robyn teaches sewing skills, sells sewing patterns, and hosts the world's biggest party for women who sew. Her keen color mixing and artful prints are inspired by generations of artists in her family.


Robyn Bandele endeavors to protect the planet with practices that prevent waste. Pre-orders eliminate un-sold inventory and we prioritize the use of natural fibers. Our 3D patternmaking process reduces rounds of sample making as we perfect fit for tall women. All of our garments are handmade with care and we design for durability with French seams and bound seams wherever possible. Our timeless styles should last years, reducing your cost per wear and environmental impact

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